HIIT PLYO WORKOUT #bikiniironfitness

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HIIT Plyometric circuit with my Bret Contreras favorites

Hey loves! This lil HIIT circuit is for those of you who need to get quick yet effective booty workout in with minimal equipment. Of course I will be incorporating my favorite Bret contreras tips and moves throughout to keep glute activation at its max.

In the workout today- All exercises 20-25 reps each repeating the circuit 3-5 times.

1- Box Jumps
2- Weighted Hip Thrusts
3- Single Leg Hip Thrusts
4- Weighted Toe touches
5- Weighted Single Leg Step Ups
6- Time Under Tension Exaggerated Deadlift
7- Weighted Lunge Squat Cross Jump
8- Weighted Squat Jump

Be sure to let me know in the comments if you tried this guys!!

Make sure you try the 4- Part GLUTE ACTIVATION TEST in the video below first to determine if you are properly activating the muscle first!