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This is the best workout to do if you have limited equipment.

All you need… A STEP and your body weight! Or you can use a bench or your bed if you really need. Get crafty.

How the workout works?

100 Reps of each exercise OR you can do 10 reps of each exercise and repeat the circuit 10 times.

1. Split Squat + Burpee – With this exercise if your technique begins to go / you fatigue. Step of the step instead of jumping.

2. Step Climbs – make out you bring your shoulders over hands. Brace your core to stop hip sway.

3. Step Transfers – Keep a soft Knee and light on your landings.

4. Pendulums – Keep the back straight and focus on your obliques activating as you tap the foot out either side.

5. Push-Up + Step Jump – Drop to knees for pushups and step on to the step instead of jumping over to make easier.

6. Reverse lunge + step up and spring

7. Box Jump + Donkey Kick

8. Incline Bench March – Focus on squeeing your glutes as you alternate leg lifts.

9. Double Leg drop with Frog Pull – Keep your back flat to the step.

10. V-Sits